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  1. Illusory palinopsia is a subtype of palinopsia, a visual disturbance defined as the persistence or recurrence of a visual image after the stimulus has been removed. Palinopsia is a broad term describing a heterogeneous group of symptoms, which is divided into hallucinatory palinopsia and illusory palinopsia. Illusory palinopsia is likely due to sustained awareness of a stimulus and is similar.
  2. illusory The quotation marks surrounding "temporarily" are intended to convey that absolute systemic rigor is an illusory ideal. From the Cambridge English Corpus They are prone to brief losses of reality, transient hallucinatory, or illusory .
  3. It may be remote, it may be hidden by centuries of illusory nationality, but it must be there. The fog was making the kind of dimness that has a curious, illusory character. The illusory connection of some insipid narrative is only delusive. The curative effect on bodily disabilities is thus often an illusory .
  4. Jul 07,  · If you describe something as illusory, you mean that although it seems true or possible, it is in fact false or impossible. His freedom is fansmorkawalsyrafinenephlenage.xyzinfo illusory nature of nationhood. Synonyms: unreal, false, misleading, untrue More Synonyms of illusory.
  5. Stroessner and Plaks (), in their review of a cognitive process potentially underlying the erroneous perceptions of group differences and the creation of stereotypes--i.e., the formation of illusory correlations (or perceptions of an association between two variables that are objectively uncorrelated)--presented yet another possible relationship between bias and the thoroughness of processing.
  6. An illusory correlation is formed when a person perceives an association between two variables (e.g., social group membership and some observed behavior) in the absence of objective evidence to warrant an association between them. Attributional Complexity and the Illusory Correlation: A .
  7. adjective The definition of illusory is made to be or related to something fake or deceptive. An example of something illusory is a wild tale of science fiction; an illusory .

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