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  1. For instance, Led Zeppelin released an album called Houses of the Holy, but the actual song "Houses of the Holy" didn't appear until a later album, Physical Graffiti. 5. The overall theme of the album. Even if you aren't writing a concept album, there are usually a few key themes that guide the flow of the album.
  2. The main album I had by them was 's Live at Carnegie Hall. This was a three-record set with live, and sometimes extended, versions of music from Prologue (), Ashes are Burning (), Turn of the Cards (), and Scheherazade and Other Stories (). The music on this live album tended to be very elaborate and beautiful.
  3. Life Projects is a unique method that makes the essence of ancient Eastern and Western wisdoms practical and useful for the modern man. It is a practical method which can be easily learned. We guide you both in everyday themes, in accomplishing your unique life project as in management, leadership, and organizational matters.
  4. Each combined masterful studio craft with eclectic lyrical themes. The Definitive Collection is a useful 2 CD distillation of material from the Project's album catalogue, and features FM-friendly tunes like "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You," "Eye in the Sky," "Time," and "Old and Wise," and lead vocals from the likes of John Miles, Hollies /5().
  5. Planet P Project is a pseudonym used by American rock musician Tony Carey for his science-fiction themed, progressive rock/space rock music. Carey has released six albums under the Planet P Project name: Planet P (, later retitled Planet P Project), Pink World (), Go Out Dancing, Part I () (), Go Out Dancing, Part II (Levittown) (), Go Out Dancing, Part III (Out in the Rain.
  6. Seventh Rule has issued the following announcement about signing a deal with Author & Punisher: "Seventh Rule Recordings is proud to announce the latest signing to their eclectic roster, San Diego's AUTHOR & PUNISHER. Iconoclastic in the truest sense of the word, Tristan Shone, the sole propagator behind this haunting.
  7. Mar 12,  · The songs on SAWAYAMA gleam, strut, and thrash as they take on themes of forgiveness, legacy, and generational trauma. “Making the album so dramatic helped satirize the whole thing and make it.
  8. To me the theme is about not forgetting the past and thefun moments in it. "One day you'll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember." This basically summarize the whole song and theme. The Nights- Avicii Theme The song This song is important to me because it talks.

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