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  2. Mar 19,  · Raiders mod Raider Classes. Raiders: Are your normal mobs. Archers: Much like vanilla skeleton. Brutes: Bigger, Slower, and Hits hard. Tweakers: These guys, care nothing for their own safety and run at you full fansmorkawalsyrafinenephlenage.xyzinfo have a specific scream. Pyromaniacs: Pyro’s carry flint and steel and actively look for things to fansmorkawalsyrafinenephlenage.xyzinfo you. Screamers: This is a very hard spell casting class.
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  5. This special raider bundle comprises the three Raider sets, the Expansion card pack, and also features a special bonus figure the Mysterious Stranger, the enigmatic but welcome helping hand! The Mysterious Stranger promo figure is currently only available for a limited period as part of this bundle and will be available on its own in retail and.
  6. I'd put in the file vanilla meshes, and one of my dirty texture for raiders. for example. WITH THE ESP ACTIVE,THOSE FILES MUST BE THERE, otherwsise the game will load nothing. ALSO you can craft the actual raider body in chemical station to test actual raider's body, so u don't need to find them the name of the body is X test raider.
  7. Raiders adds a new mob with different classes, and a progression difficulty system. Raiders look like other minecraft players in your game. Skins are added via the config files with a players name. You will get a few default raider skins and you will have to add the fansmorkawalsyrafinenephlenage.xyzinfo supports Twitch sub whitelist.

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